Positive Feedback

22 July 16

Hi Tracy,
Thank you so much for your very kind words. I really enjoyed participating and it was a great experience and stepping stone for me to get back into the workplace/study scene.
Thanks also to you and JSW for being so flexible and allowing me to bring Adam to class and Briella/Elise when they were sick.
Hope you had a wonderful break :-)

Kind regards,

Kirsteen Cooper

Thank you for the professionalism and organisation your RTO has displayed to date on this leadership project.  I am delighted with the results to date, the team work exhibited between our two organisations and as such I’m pleased we selected to work with JSW.

Kind regards,


This afternoon Kate was having a chat with Joe and he had some great feedback regarding his participation in the Cycle of Change program, she was really impressed he took the time to initiate the conversation.
In his words:
“You and Mick have really done heaps of stuff for me, its heaps appreciated n shit because not many people go out of their way for me – see even with getting me all this paper here” (referring to an application for white card and drivers license).

Kate confirmed that we would always try our best to see him reach his full potential.
“It means a lot, this has changed my life and  what’s happening for me, even with getting an apprenticeship and next year.”

It was a great response to hear especially with Joe going through a lot of changes and hardship over this past year, and such genuine feedback to what we are offering.

6 July 2015

Hello Tracy

I would like, by way of this letter, to tell you how helpful you and the staff at JSW have been, not only for me but for my husband. Late last month I had my Resume re-done by Jackie and it is incredibly impressive now! Then I walked into your offices a couple of weeks back and because of your enthusiasm and your sincere desire to help me, you were directly responsible for me getting my present job, and training!!

I am so very grateful for what you have done for me, you and Chris and Jackie.  I know that I know, that if it weren’t for you people, I could still be unemployed!

Jackie also worked wonders re-doing my husband Danny’s Resume.
My  daughter Ayla Richardson has an appointment to see somebody in your office tomorrow because she is unemployed and desperately wants to work and I have told her to see you people.
Again I thank you Tracy, I pray you keep up the amazingly great work!!


Lynda Skoglund

Feedback given by participants of Excel Training session 2015 delivered by Ian Hooper
  • Work stations appropriate size and comfortable. The day was broken up with breaks at the right times. The day was tailored to suit my abilities, needs and work use.
  • The day was packed with helpful information and the document used as an example  was relevant and let us practice what we had learnt. Ian was very knowledgeable and made the day both entertaining and interesting. A very interesting and informative day  with plenty of practise on the computers.
  • The work book has plenty of information to be able to refer to when needed. Class sizes are great and allow for Ian to be able to assist individually when needed.
  • Well set out and comfortable to use. Interesting lunchtime entertainment. Packed a lot into one day. Very good! Points were covered in depth and explained very well.
  • Excellent trainer – relaxed and covers all points very well and was willing to backtrack if we didn’t quite grasp the point. Helps that he’s got a sense of humour! Very impressed with session. Learnt a lot!
  • Easy to understand. Very pleased with the training and the trainer – happy to recommend that we continue to use Ian and the facilities.

2nd December 2015

Hi Jane and Vanessa

I want to congratulate you  both on the wonderful achievements  you’ve been able to get with  the   clients in the current class of CGEA students. On Saturday at the pop up shop it was amazing too see the smiles and enthusiasm shown in the students  faces who manned the  stall. Two of these students have had a lot of personnel growth since starting CGEA. Other students I didn’t see at the stall you managed to get them to contribute by making craft etc.  You’ve both and your work experience student have   taken time out of your weekend to support these students and their cause.

It was pleasing to see the students partake in the “Say no to domestic Violence” march last Wednesday and to the way you supported Zonta in making  500 white ribbons.

Lastly the attendance rate at the course this semester has been  fantastic and this  can be as a direct reflection on your exciting methods of engagement and follow up. Remembering that a lot of these students had not fully  participated in education  for a long time. Thanks for all the hard work.

With warmest regards

Education Department