Horticulture is a part of the agrifood industry and covers plants, parks and gardens – that is, everything related to plants, grass and other greenlife. With the field of horticulture playing an increasingly vital role in conserving our environment, sustainable practices and enhancing our living environments, there is a strong demand for qualified tradespeople in the horticulture industry.

Qualifications in horticulture cover the necessary knowledge and skills required for employment in this diverse industry.

Gain the specialist knowledge and skills and the practical experience and knowledge for a rewarding career. Learn about or consolidate your skills in garden design and landscaping, revegetation, tree health assessment and management, retail nursery customer service/sales/business operations, irrigation, plant identification, plant propagation, nutrition and health.

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AHC20410 Certificate II in Horticulture AHC20410 Certificate III in Horticulture