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On this page you will find resources that will help you find out about the services that JSW offers it students in addition to finding some important forms that you may need to access.

Prospective Employers of Trainees in the Workplace

Student Handbook


Withdrawing from your course
If a student chooses not to continue with their studies at JSW, they must complete the withdrawal form. Until this notification is received, the student enrolment remains active. If the student is required to attend training programs under any Centrelink or job seeking arrangements, the students attendance is reported as absent.  

If students do not formally withdraw they will receive a fail result at the end of the program they are enrolled in and this may jeopardise a students potential enrolment in future JSW training programs.

The withdrawal form can be provided:

  • in person at the JSW Reception
  • in person from the program Trainer
  • via downloading the form below
Download the Withdrawal Amend Form


Student satisfaction is extremely important to us.
If you are unhappy with any aspect of Training at JSW Training & Community Services you are welcome to lodge a complaint.

Download the Complaints Lodgment Form


Students who have formally withdrawn from the training program they are enrolled in, may be eligible for a whole or partial refund of enrolment fees:

  1. With regard to all withdrawals/part refunds, all refunds are determined on the amount of notice a student provides.
  2. JSW will calculate all unit withdrawals in accordance with the unit census withdrawal date. The census /withdrawal date is calculated at 20% of duration for each unit commenced.
  • Any units withdrawn after the census/withdrawal date will not be refunded.
  • Any units withdrawn prior to census/withdrawal date will be fully refunded.
  1. Written notification of withdrawal from a training program must be provided by completing the Withdrawal Form. Students will also be required to complete the Student Refund Form.
  2. Payment of all refunds is made within fourteen days (14) of application for refund.

There is no refund for recognition of prior learning assessments after enrolment, where Recognition resources and services have been supplied to the client.

JSW  does not accept liability for loss or damage suffered in the event of withdrawal from a course by a client.

JSW  provides a full refund to all clients, should there be a need for JSW  to cancel a course.  In the first instance JSW  will (where possible) provide an opportunity for the client to attend another scheduled course. If JSW  cancels a course, clients do not have to apply for a refund, JSW  will process the refunds automatically.

Download the Refund Form
Download the Withdrawal Amend Form


Students have the right to lodge an appeal against an assessment decision if they feel they were unfairly treated during an assessment, and/or where they feel the assessment decision is incorrect and they have grounds for an appeal.

Valid grounds for an appeal against an assessment decision (where the trainee feels the assessment decision is incorrect) could include the following:
  • The judgement as to whether competency has been achieved and demonstrated was made incorrectly,
  • The judgement was not made in accordance with the Assessment Plan.
  • Alleged bias of the assessor;
  • Alleged lack of competence of the assessor;
  • Alleged wrong information from the assessor regarding the assessment process;
  • Alleged inappropriate assessment process for the particular competency;
  • Faulty or inappropriate equipment; and/or
  • Inappropriate conditions.
In the first instance the Student should verbally raise their concern with the JSW Trainer Assessor. If the matter is resolved with the Trainer or Assessor no further action needs to be taken.

If the matter is not resolved then the following process applies.

All appeals must be lodged within 7 calendar days of the date of the assessment result notification to the student. The student is to complete the Appeals Lodgement Form and submit to the Training Manager. The Appeals Lodgement Form will be reviewed by the Training Manager and CEO of JSW with an outcome in a 28 day period.

If the appeal is upheld in this initial appeal period, the following options will be available to the Student:

  • The original assessment will be re-assessed, potentially by another assessor.
  • Appropriate recognition will be granted.
  • A new assessment shall be conducted/arranged.

If the appeal is rejected /not upheld under this initial appeal process the following options will be available to the Student:

  • undertake further training or experience prior to further assessment; or
  • re-submit further evidence; or
  • submit/undertake a new assessment.

If the initial appeals process outlined above fails to resolve the appeal or the appellant is not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal, the matter may be referred to an independent third party for review, at the request of the appellant. All costs incurred for the third party review will be advised to the appellant. This process may take in excess of 60 days.

Download the Appeals Lodgment Form

Credit Transfer

Applying for credit transfer
​If you are applying for credit transfer you must follow the procedure outlined in the document below.

You will need to fill in the approved credit transfer form.
If you completed your prior learning at another institute, you must provide official academic records and transcripts as well as a certified, detailed description of the unit.

Any academic transcripts or records must:
   • Be originals or certified true copies
   • Be in English or accompanied by a certified translated copy in English
   • Be provided by the applicant in person or by post​

If you are seeking credit for studies completed here​, you do not require supporting documentation.​​

Download the Credit Transfer Application Form

Replacement Certificate

If students who have studied with JSW previously loose or misplace their certificates for a qualification or / and statement of attainment, the former students are able to request a replacement certificate. Please note this will incur a fee of $25 and this is payable at the time of the request.

The request will need to be made in writing using the following form. The completed form along with the $25 payment needs to be provided to JSW Reception staff.

Download the Replacement Certificate Request Form