Accredited Training

Get your education back on track and develop skills for further study and future employment

JSW offers a range of accredited courses that focuses on preparing students by primarily improving their reading, writing, mathematical and oral communication skills. Our accredited courses are a great alternate pathways for young people and adults who may not have completed their high school education or have been out of schooling for some time and need to re-engage and focus their life.

Our unique style of delivery helps students gain their confidence and develops new skills needed to continue with education and take the next step in your career. Any of our accredited courses will give students a fresh start in an alternative setting to mainstream school and training environments. Typically our accredited programs run between 12 – 18 weeks, two to three days a week and are all Centrelink approved.

The emphasis of our programs is on bridging learning gaps and supporting you in your journey.

The Accredited programs available at JSW are:
52773WA Certificate I in Leadership Development
52774WA Certificate II in Leadership Development
52769WA Certificate I in Gaining Access to Training and Employment (GATE)
52771WA Certificate I in New Opportunities for Women
52770WA Certificate I in Wider Opportunities for Work
22237VIC Certificate II in General Education for Adults
22238VIC Certificate III in General Education for Adults
FSk20113 Certificate II Skills for Work and Vocational Pathway