Fees and Charges

JSW Estimated Fees for Semester 2 2017

Please note:
Fees will vary in accordance to the type of course you are studying, the study mode and the units of competency chosen.

The Department of Training and Workforce Development’s Future Skills website has information about the indicative fee rates if you would like to know more or understand how the fees are calculated.

All training providers of Future Skills WA training will charge the same course fees per hour, set out in the course fees table.

The indicative fees for a course may differ between training providers due to the units included in the course outline. These differences generally result from adapting courses to meet local industry needs. The actual cost of a course will also vary if different electives are chosen by the student.

Nominal hours are not hours of training or instruction. They are used to determine course fees and subsidy levels to reflect the cost to deliver quality training.

We may also charge additional resource and other fees relating to individual qualifications.

Concession rates and course fee caps may also apply. Fee caps will be shown on the basis that all units are commenced in 2017.

A student’s guarantee to a place in a government funded state priority course is subject to course availability.

Contact: Course Information on 9721 5033 or email courseinfo@jsw.org.au where they will be able to calculate the fees according to your individual circumstances.

Future Skills WA Fee categories:
  • A&T – apprenticeship and traineeship
  • DIP – diplomas and advanced diplomas
  • FS – foundation skills and equity courses
  • GIT – general industry training courses (Certificate I to IV)
  • PIQ – priority industry qualifications (Certificate II to IV)
Delivery mode categories:
  • CL – classroom
  • TR – traineeship
  • EX – external
  • FFS – fee for service
  • ON/CL – online theory plus classroom







GITBDE6AHC20416 Certificate II in HorticultureCL$2,200.88
GITBDE6AHC20416 Certificate II in HorticultureTR$2,096.25$2,096.25
GITBDF1AHC30716 Certificate III in HorticultureCL$2,898.72
GITBDF1AHC30716 Certificate III in HorticultureTR$1,901.25$1,901.25
A&TAVU8BSB20115 Certificate II in BusinessTR$1,056.25$1,056.25
GITAVU7BSB30115 Certificate III in BusinessCL$2,049.60
A&TAVU7BSB30115 Certificate III in BusinessTR$1,365$1,365
A&TAVV9BSB40215 Certificate IV in BusinessTR$1,673.75$101.85$1,775.60
PIQAWJ7CHC22015 Certificate II in Community ServicesCL$861.25
A&TAWJ7CHC22015 Certificate II in Community ServicesTR$861.25$861.25
PIQAWJ2CHC32015 Certificate III in Community ServicesCL$1,560
A&TAWJ2CHC32015 Certificate III in Community ServicesTR$1,560$1,560
PIQAWL8CHC42015 Certificate IV in Community ServicesCL$2,145
A&TAWL8CHC42015 Certificate IV in Community ServicesTR$2,145$2,145
A&TJ592CHC40413 Certificate IV in Youth WorkCL$2,583.75
PIQJ592CHC40413 Certificate IV in Youth Work TR $2,583.75$2,583.75
PIQJ587CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and CareCL$2,470
A&TJ587CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and CareTR$2,470$2,470
DipJ594CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and CareTR$7,860
A&TAYZ9CHC41115 Certificate IV in Employment ServicesTR$2,128.75$2,128.75
GITAZW1SIT20316 Certificate II in HospitalityCL$1,098.00
A&TAZW1SIT20316 Certificate II in HospitalityTR$1153.75$1153.75
GITAZT7SIT30616 Certificate III in HospitalityCL$2781.60
A&TAZT7SIT30616 Certificate III in HospitalityTR$1852.50$1852.50
FS718822237VIC Certificate II in General Education for AdultsCL$82.95$122.93$205.88
FS718922238VIC Certificate III in General Education for AdultsCL$56.70$125.50$182.50
FSYU0152769WA Certificate I in Gaining Access to Training and Employment (GATE)CL$73.50$73.50
FSYU0552771WA Certificate I in New Opportunities for Women (NOW)CL$58.80$79.98$138.78
WG733HLTAID004 Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care settingFFS
WG732HLTAID003 Provide first aidFFS
The Student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as student service and resource fees.