Traineeships combine the practical experience you gain at the workplace with a qualification. JSW wraps the requirements of a nationally recognized qualification around the employees job.   A Traineeship is a partnership with the Employer, Employee (known as the Trainee) and JSW.   A traineeship includes on the job learning:
  • The employer conducts their usual training in the workplace; and
  • The trainee undertakes their usual work duties.
  The off the job learning includes:chloe
  • A JSW Workplace Trainer and Assessor coming to the workplace to train the trainee in topics they don’t know about; or
  • The employee attending specific topic workshops at JSW premises either during work hours or after work hours – this builds up specific skills and knowledge within the employee;
  • A JSW Workplace Trainer and Assessor coming to the workplace to conduct assessment on specific tasks and to collate samples of how the employee works (this could be documents, photos, videos, talking to other work mates, watching the employee perform specific tasks); and
  • The employee demonstrating their knowledge through answering questions, collecting evidence, working on any assigned projects or tasks. Typically the employee is required to purchase a book or enroll in our online learning system.
For the Trainee it provides a platform to gain employment and training to enhance work skill levels leading to a nationally recognised qualification. A Traineeship with JSW can start anytime anywhere in the South West, Great Southern and Metro area of Western Australia. Traineeships can be offered to new staff and to existing workers who are employed on a full time or part time basis as long as they are working more than 20 hours per week. Traineeships are for:
  • Anyone aged between 16 – 64 years
  • A full time or part time worker
  • Brand new staff
  • Staff that have been employed for a while

Depending on the qualification, traineeships are usually in place for 12 months for full time employees or 18 months for part time employees.

For Employers:
Training your staff through JSW may attract an incentive of up to $4,000 per employee from the Government. Incentives are generally paid upon the 6 month traineeship anniversary and upon successful completion of the traineeship.

To learn more about the incentives available refer to or phone 1800 639 629.

In addition, eligible businesses may be eligible for payroll tax exemption. Contact JSW Training Manager, Robyn Barrett, to help you grow your business on 08 9721 5033 or