JSW NDIS recently organised an unforgettable outing that brought joy and enrichment to its participants. A bus trip to Perth Convention Centre for Oz Comic Con became a gateway to excitement and connection for individuals with diverse interests ranging from graphic design to gaming and cosplay. This initiative wasn’t just about attending an event; it was about fostering community engagement and personal growth.

Throughout the journey, participants eagerly discussed their expectations and researched Comic Con, building anticipation for the day ahead. Upon arrival, they immersed themselves in a world of creativity and imagination, interacting with fellow attendees and stallholders alike. From admiring cosplay to exploring retro gaming, every moment was filled with fascination and camaraderie.

More than entertainment, the trip served as a platform for vital life skill development, fostering communication, planning, and budgeting. Returning home with treasured memories and new friendships, participants felt a deeper sense of belonging. JSW NDIS continues to champion inclusive initiatives, providing meaningful experiences. Future endeavours promise ongoing opportunities for community engagement and incidental mentoring, nurturing well-being, self-confidence, emotional awareness, and social skills.