Community Services

JSW Training & Community Services offers a diverse range of programs that service our greater community.
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JSW champions and supports children and young people in the South West via our training, mentoring, social and wellbeing, life skills and career development programs.

We provide integrated seamless support to young people as they respond to the challenges of young adulthood and explore their career aspirations and options. Our commitment to supporting young people is evident in the scope and diversity of our programs which include;

  • Programs in schools delivering career guidance and job search skills
  • Programs for school aged students not engaged in education, employment or training
  • Tailored accredited training programs are designed to engage young people in learning.
  • They are delivered in an offsite environment by qualified trainers and experienced youth workers.

Our staff are highly experienced in working with young people and their support networks including; parents, guardians, schools, employers and specialist agencies.