Will’s journey with JSW’s NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports has recently reached an exciting milestone with an industry interview conducted with Luke from Great Minds Media. Over the course of several months, JSW has collaborated closely with Will to discover his passion and align his interests with the field of droning.

During the interview, Will had the invaluable opportunity to learn from Luke about the diverse opportunities available in videography, particularly with the application of drones. Going beyond mere observation, Will gained hands-on experience with various equipment, including cameras, boom microphone to collar microphone, tripods, and gimbal.  Experience using the camera included capturing single and multiple shots, experimenting with different lenses, and utilising the gimbal to stabilise the camera for dynamic moving shots.

With a pilot license already under his belt for operating drones, Will found himself particularly drawn to the broad applications of droning, especially in videography. Throughout the session, Will’s passion was evident as he actively engaged with Luke, asking numerous questions and attentively absorbing the insights shared. Experiences like these not only empower participants like Will to explore potential career paths but also offer invaluable wisdom from industry experts like Luke.