Aaron’s life was in chaos.  At home, he clashed constantly with his stepdad. At school, when he wasn’t suspended for fighting, he was bullied. He had severe anxiety and was self-harming. Headspace was supporting Aaron to tackle his mental health issues and adapt to an ADHD diagnosis.

How we helped

Aaron needed time out with supportive people he could trust to listen to him kindly and without judgement. We were those people. We arranged outings for Aaron to get him out of the house. We walked and talked regularly so he had safe space and ample time to talk and get whatever issues he was dealing with, out of his head and off his chest.

When school stopped working altogether, we helped Aaron and his Mum apply for a place at Bunbury Regional Community College (BRCC.)

What changed for Aaron

Aaron took to BRCC like a duck to water. He felt safe and supported. He made new friends. He started to get really good results. In short, he thrived.

When he told us he wanted to start applying for work, we took him to his first interview and gave him a little coaching and a lot of cheerleading. After completing a solid year at BRCC, Aaron found work in his local area.