Amy’s mental health had been fragile for a long time. She had a history of self-harm and was considered a suicide risk.  When we met her, Amy was living dangerously. She was suspended from school, and she disappeared from home for days on end. She was trading sex for meth.

How we helped

Amy knew what she wanted – a job and a driver’s license. She also knew she needed help stabilising her mental health, but she had no idea where to look.  So we made a plan.

First up, we connected Amy to a mental health support service that worked for her. Then we supported her to:

  • Work with Services Australia to figure out and find work she liked
  • Apply for and win places in the ‘End to End’ driver subsidy program and the RYDE driver assistance program run by ‘Investing in Our Youth.’

What changed for Amy

Amy tried several jobs before she found her place at a local nail salon, where she now works full-time.

She’s gained confidence thanks to a combination of work she enjoys and solid support to manage her mental health. She and her Mum have also started to repair their fractured relationship.

Amy knows we’re still there for her as cheerleaders and connectors if or when she needs to change or extend her support network. When we last spoke to her, she said she was feeling great and very happy to be employed.