Anita Hollenberg

Anita Hollenberg, Business Manager

As a Chartered Accountant with a qualification in governance practice, I support JSW’s strong organisational governance and provide the financial and analytical information to support our decision-making and acquittal reporting.

JSW’s community-driven objectives and values align with mine. We also have a positive workplace culture that encourages work-life balance. JSW celebrates and rewards us for being a diverse group of lovely hard-working humans.

Besides allocating the resources we need to do our jobs really well, JSW celebrates a wide range of internationally recognised social and cultural awareness days. We also get to take a paid day off on our birthdays.

When I’m not helping JSW make solidly financially sound decisions that help transform people’s lives. You’ll find me off on long bushwalking adventures, doing my daily Ashtanga yoga practice, supporting Sea Shepherd, or drinking good coffee whilst reading a book.