Cara van Scalkwyk, Career Development Officer, Busselton and Bunbury

I’ve been helping young people find their strengths, pursue fulfilling careers, and take control of their lives since 2018. And the amazement and delight on a young person’s face when they achieve something that they never thought possible, is the absolute best thing about my job.

When I came to Australia from South Africa, I worked in Primary and High Schools, helping kids of all ages figure out things they loved to do and continue to stay curious about exploring career possibilities linked to those interests.

I realised there was a gap in post-school support for young people struggling to find and follow a career pathway that worked for them. Cue my own career transition to community-based Career Development Officer.

Outside of my role at The Jobs and Skills Centre, I’m a keen athlete, a registered Athletics and Running Coach with Athletics Australia, a Swimming Coach registered with Swimming Australia and an Austswim Teacher.

Doing and coaching sport complements my day job to a tee. Career and sport coaching share many of the same goals. Both practices are grounded in mentoring and enabling people to rise to their own occasion, find and extend their limits and achieve their personal best.

I love working for a professional career development service that’s free for our community. JSW’s backing means we’re a well-resourced to provide extra support for our clients.


Graduate Certificate in Career Development (in progress)
Diploma in Business