Maegen helped me when I was in one of the worst places of my life


Damian was struggling on all fronts. School and home were conflict zones, so he avoided being there as much as possible. At home, he fought with his Mum. At school, he fought with pretty much everyone.

Damian took medication to help manage his shaky mental health and hard-to-control anger.

Damian knew he needed help to manage his anger and to adapt to being diagnosed with ADHD.

How we helped

We mediated between Damian and his Mum at home and between Damian and his teachers at school. Having someone he felt was ‘in his corner’ made a big difference for Damian and helped him deal with issues in a less confrontational way.

We also supported Damian to apply for and win a place at Bunbury Regional Community College BRCC.

What changed for Damian 

Even though he settled quickly into BRCC and started getting good results, Damian was keen for us to continue coaching and supporting him. He really wanted to find a job. So, we focused on growing his employability skills which he put to good use by winning a job in hospitality.

Damian no longer needs intensive one on one support. Succeeding at school and work has given him the confidence and skills to set and kick some impressive personal goals, work on his issues without losing his cool, and ask for help if he needs it.