Paula Nankiville

Paula Nankiville, NDIS Manager

I began my career in banking, but my commitment to community services was born out of volunteering for Activ Industries during Year 10 school holidays.

Over my twenty-plus years in the community sector, supporting families in crisis and young people and people with disabilities to succeed in education and employment has been at the heart of what I do.

I’ve managed workplace contracts that offered over 100 people with disabilities fulfilling work opportunities in five locations over nine years. I helped vulnerable teenagers and adults find secure housing and resolve personal and family issues that kept them from exploring and accepting training and work opportunities.

I’ve also worn many of the hundred other hats needed to keep busy, lean not-for-profit organisations buoyant, including marketing, compliance, Human Resources, Workplace Health and Safety, and many more.

I’m here to create great opportunities for our NDIS participants, and JSW’s deep networks, strong community connections, and flexible, innovative training are ideal for doing this. We’re a strong team dedicated to pooling our skills and knowledge to help people live their best lives.

I balance a busy work life by being outdoors, painting or photographing nature. Lately, I’ve been creating quirky 3D anime-style art pieces for my niece and doing my best to capture the colours of the ocean in resin art.


Certified Internal Auditor NDIS
Diploma in Project Management
Cert IV in Community Services
Cert IV in Disability Work
Cert IV in Children Services