Here at JSW we are a very diverse workplace with a diverse and eclectic workforce who are perfect for the delivery of the wide variety of programs on offer.

We are the luckiest workforce in the country being able to work in the most beautiful part of the world.  We keep a very close eye on local conditions to make sure that the information and advise that we give our clients is relevant and up to date.  We do this by staying connected to our community through our work on local committees, boards, panels and taskforces.

Circumstances in the South West are different from the rest of Australia and therefore the services that we offer are tailored directly for local conditions. We know that staff are hard to find and there are skills shortages in many industries in the region such as in cafes and restaurants and in the Care industry.

We also know that unemployment here in the South West is slightly higher than in the rest of the country so therefore we take great care to prepare fantastic resumes and job applications that ‘get the job done’, match the special needs of NDIS participants with special support workers and provide training to help win you the perfect job.  Our team members live and work in the South West and we all believe that ‘South West is Best’!!