Voluntary Workers Insurance Form


Please fill in both sides and return signed form to JSW administration and pay the $22 fee. This can be done via email and payment with credit card over the phone – 9721 5033 or in person at our administration office at Lotteries House, 101 Victoria Street, Bunbury.

During the period of your voluntary work placement you will be insured under a Voluntary Workers Insurance Policy underwritten by Chubb Insurance Australia Limited (ABN 23 001 642 020) is not fully comprehensive and does not compare to worker’s compensation insurance.

PLEASE NOTE – This insurance covers the voluntary worker against accident or injury to themselves only – Public Liability Insurance is the responsibility of the host employer.

Age eligibility to undertake Voluntary placement is 14 – 75 years of age.

Situation of Risk: South West Region Western Australia

Policy No: 05VG010220 Valid to 30/06/2021

Period of Cover: Maximum of 10 working days per application

Coverage: Some occupations cannot be covered by the Voluntary Workers Policy these include but are not limited to any work in aircraft or aerial devices unless licensed to carry passengers, any work on nuclear worksites, military roles, and training for or participating in Professional Sport of any kind. Coverage is at the discretion of JSW Training & Community Services and the provider Chubb Insurance.